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Kasi Turner

Aesthetics Services

Laser Hair Removal

Facial Area: Upper Lip, Chin, Anterior Neck, Sideburns, Cheeks, Eyebrows, Ears, Inner Nose, Scalp, Male beard
Torso: Chest, Abdomen, Breast, Back, Shoulders
Bikini Area: Linea, Bikini Line, Bikini “Brazilian Style”, Full Bikini Area “Get rid of it all”, Inner Thigh, Buttocks & Perianal Area.
Arms and Legs: Underarms, Hands and Fingers, Upper or Lower Arms, Feet and Toes, Full Legs, Lower Legs, or Thighs.

Vein Removal

• One Spot Treatment
• Red blood vessels on the nose, cheeks, or chin
• Port Wine Stains and other vascular lesions
• “Cherry Hemangiomas” (little red dots) on the face and body
• Spider Veins on legs and body 

Permanent Cosmetics

• Eyelash Enhancement
• Eyeliner
• Eyebrows
• Lip Liner or Full Lips

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

• Crow’s Feet/ Mouth Lines
• Acne Scars/ Surgical Scars/ Stretch Marks
• Laser Skin Resurfacing for Brown Spots/ Age Spots/ and Sun Damage
• Laser Full Facial Skin Rejuvenation for Face/ Neck/ and Chest

Laser Tattoo Removal

Lower Eyelid Chemical Peel


For Darker, Longer, Fuller Lashes


This area's exclusive provider
All natural, chemical free, unrefined organic oil based skin car system